Ship Finder

Ship Finder is the live vessel tracking and ship tracker app from Pinkfroot. Using AIS watch boats, cruise ships and other vessels across the world in real time.

Ship Finder works by picking up AIS ship feeds used by commercial vessels and pleasure craft to transmit their name, position, MMSI, status and lots more.

In summary the system works by:

Ships broadcast their position via radio signals. (The system is called AIS).
This information is picked up by receivers in the area.
The receivers send the data across the internet to servers.
The map gets its data from these servers over the internet.

The servers add additional information such as route history and photos for presentation on and in Ship Finder apps.

The AIS data transmitted is delivered so that data can be shared over the Internet.
If you are a marine professional or AIS hobbyist Shipfinder will be delighted to receive your data for use within the app. For more details on how you can help please see the coverage page.